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Frequently Asked Party Questions ...
Q: Are parents included? 
A: Non-skating parents are usually free at Paris Wheels Skating Center, 
However, with current restrictions on capacity, it is necessary to charge
an admission for adult chaperones. Skating parents (and siblings) of the
 party guests will be expected to pay for their own admission and skate
 rental unless they are included on the guest list provided by the party
 parents. We know that many families invite non-skating adults to celebrate with their child. Please keep in mind that the 
services and products included in your party package are for the counted skaters on your guest list. Friends and family that may attend that are not counted, are not included. Additional place settings, pitchers of soda and pizza are available for non-skating guests at an additional cost. If you prefer, you may bring your own paper products for any non-skating guests.  Additional food and drinks must be purchased through our concessions.

Q: Is the birthday child included? 
A: Since the birthday child receives all the same bonuses as the party guests (admission, skate rental, soda, return pass), the birthday child is counted in the final party count. Birthday parties with multiple honorees are counted in the same manner.

Q: My child has a specific party theme, can we bring our own paper products? 
A: We use a colorful, generic party theme for our paper products. If your child prefers a specific party theme, please feel free to bring your own. 

Q: Can we serve ice cream with our cake? 
A: You may bring single serving ice cream products in a small cooler that our party hostess will be happy to serve. Paris Wheels Skating Center also has ice cream cups available at an additional charge. Just let us know when you book your party and we'll have it ready for you. 

Q: Can we bring our own food to serve during the party? 
A: No outside food or beverages are permitted except birthday cake and ice cream cups to serve during your reserved time in the Party Zone. Paris Wheels Skating Center has a variety of concessions items available to serve your party guests.  

Q: We don't have a party reserved at the rink. Can we bring a cake and eat it in the concessions area? 
A: We do not allow outside food or beverages inside the rink except for reserved parties in the Party Zone or for private parties.  

Q: How and when do we pay for our party?
A: A 50% deposit is due when a party is reserved.  You may pay by card, cash or check; the balance is due on the day of the party.